Uniquely Individual

Here at Heal Thy Goddess, we have an incredibly unique approach to skincare, as we account for overall health and wellness, considering the body as a whole when looking at the skin. We are known for our spiritually based, organic & holistic, custom facials. We specialize in holistic modalities not found anywhere else in San Diego.


We are a beauty + healing collective founded on the principle that we are all individuals with our own unique needs (and so is our skin.) Each treatment is completely customized utilizing an all-natural, organic apothecary back bar. Curated personally by Mo, the founder, full of solely seasonal herbal compounds, oils, hydrosols, tinctures, and infusions. Our facial treatments utilize holistic healing modalities intertwined with various massage methods.

At Heal Thy Goddess, we are most known for our incredible lymph draining, tension melting, muscle manipulating facials in which we also perform a unique, intra-oral buccal (inside the mouth/cheek) massage technique to contour the cheeks and drain the lymph.


Our facials are much more than a treatment but rather a spiritual experience. The face harbors trapped emotions which manifest as wrinkles, as skin therapists, we assist in massaging and transmuting those stored emotions, turning sad, depressive wrinkles into a smile that permanently resides on the face.

Located at:

3063 University Avenue Suite 100, San Diego California 92104

Hours of operation: by appointment only


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