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An ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine modality, Gua Sha entails a gentle grazing technique utilizing a stone tool to improve the overall circulation and suppleness of the face. Suitable for those lacking "shen" (spirit/vibrance) in the face, this modality specifically opens up the meridians and moves any stagnations in the blood to balance the Qi (flow of energy). Complemented by Mo's specific massage method to further improve the underlying layers of the connective tissue, fascia and muscle beneath the skin - creating space for optimal skin function.


As seen on The Skinny Confidential! Lymphatic drainage is a cleansing modality that detoxes the body naturally by flushing stagnant toxins. Featuring buccal massage (massaging the buccal fat pads through the inside of the mouth), to assist in intense muscular manipulation and sculpting of the facial contours. This particular technique provides much relief for jaw tension and TMJ, while encouraging oxygenated blood flow to the skin cells and muscle tissue. This method is designed to eliminate any bloating and achieve a more sculpted, glowing complexion.


An exclusive sculptural lifting protocol created by world-renowned Russian masseuse, Yakov Gershovich. This technique is designed to drain lymph, tone facial muscles, and eliminate mimic wrinkles. Also featuring a unique intra-oral buccal massage to completely lift and sculpt facial contours by defining bone structure. A series of 6 is recommended for optimal results of a holistic facelift.


A quickie for those tight on time! This mini facial is perfect for a fast refresh, deep cleanse, quick glow and some gentle TLC.


+ CBD Oil $25

+ Take home custom mask $25

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