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Aries New Moon; Self-Care Ritual

Happy New Moon, Goddess!

This begins the first of many new moon self-care rituals you'll be receiving here straight to your inbox. After many polls and stories on IG you all spoke up and expressed your interest in the cosmos and more specifically, moon rituals. Thank you for your input! As we all know, the moon is a constant reminder for us to stay in touch with our inner-selves, to nurture our feminine essence & goddess within. When the new moon occurs, it is the most yin time of the month- the perfect time for a self-care ritual.  This Friday, April 5th, we have a new moon occurring at 1:51 am in the fiery sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a sign of passion and confidence.

THE RITUAL: Astrologically speaking, Aries rules the head, so for this New Moon ritual, it only seemed fitting we take the time to nurture our scalps with a soothing + beautifying oil massage, as this part of ourselves, can become unintentionally neglected. This simple act of a scalp massage can help increase blood circulation, encourage hair growth, and relax the central nervous system. (yes please!)

SET THE MOOD: Start off by smudging your space. Open a window and burn some palo santo, sage, or lavender to clear out any stagnant energy and create good Jeux Jeux. While you're at it, make it fun by putting on some music!  CREATE: Get witchy! Concoct your hair mask. In a bowl, mix up equal parts aloe leaf (inner fillet, not the juice) and coconut oil plus your fave essential oils. It can be literally any essential oil you have. Whatever you're vibin' with! Here's a little list of what essential oils resonate best with each of the signs, but ultimately use your intuition to guide you in which essential oil you choose.

Essential oils for the signs: Aries - Wild Orange Taurus - Rose Gemini - Lemongrass Cancer - Lavender Leo - Ylang Ylang Virgo - Rosemary Libra - Geranium Scorpio - Clary sage Sagittarius - Palo Santo Capricorn - Frankincense Aquarius - Black Licorice Root Pisces - Jasmine HOT TIP: Peppermint essential oil helps stimulate hair growth, but use sparingly as too much can be really intense! Before application of your hair masque take a moment to brush your hair thoroughly, starting from the bottom working up, appreciating all the beautiful colors and textures that are unique to your hair. SET AN INTENTION: Setting an intention opens up and activates your receptivity and allows the manifestation of your dreams and goals. Section off your hair and apply the masque from the roots to the ends, allowing your intention to seep from your heart, through your mind and into the roots of your hair.  MASSAGE: Once you've evenly applied your magical hair masque, begin to massage your scalp with firm pressure, giving extra attention to areas of tension and tenderness. Massage your scalp for a solid 10 minutes, allowing yourself the space to breathe deeply and receive the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils. Let the masque set for 20-30 minutes and remove it by hopping in the shower.  



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