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Cancer New Moon; Self-Care Ritual

As many of you know, self-care isn't solely about treating yourself to facials or splurging on crystals. Self-care goes much, much deeper than that. It's about honoring your energy, checking in with yourself and ultimately, caring for your (whole) self, mentally, spiritually, physically and with loving intentions.

Every month, we experience a new moon. This occurs when the moon is at it's darkest, in it's most yin essence. As humans, we are composed of 70% water, while the earth's surface is composed of 71% water. The moon affects the ocean waters by creating the push and pull of the tides, and I firmly believe that it naturally affects the tides of our bodies as well.

This month's New Moon is in the watery sign of Cancer. Cancer is commonly known as the mother, the nurturer, embodying qualities of psychic intuition, tender-loving care, and emotional depth. Our self-care ritual for this New Moon is about nurturing our most yin essence - our yonis, punani portals, wombs, sacred spaces, whichever term resonates most with you.

A yoni steam is suitable for anybody who has a vagina. For anybody who cannot participate in this months ritual, we suggest a New Moon journaling session with a cup of rose tea, a most feminine herb, to help you connect with your inner goddess, no matter what gender you identify with, as we all possess a god and goddess within us.

Yoni steaming involves sitting over a pot filled with herbs and hot water, allowing the herbal steam to permeate the vulva. It’s amazing for balancing menses and harmonizing bacteria that create imbalances like yeast infections and BV. While harmonizing pH, balancing bacterium, this steam also helps to heal the skin for those experiencing acne related to candida overgrowth. (This is the type of acne that doesn’t seem to have a pattern, inflamed and really red, clusters of pimples that are either tiny whiteheads or large cystic papules.)

Let's dive in, shall we?

What You'll Need:

+ Large pot

+ Gentle herbs such as (any one or combination of the following) rose, calendula, yarrow, rosemary and sage

+ 2 yoga blocks (optional)

+ Small blanket or bath towel

What You'll Do:

- Clear your space with sage or palo santo

- Boil a large pot of water with the herbs, simmering for about 30 min.

Option A:

Set the pot in a cozy spot in your home. Alongside the pot, you'll set up a yoga block on either side of it. Providing pillars for each of your hips to rest on, gently sitting on the yoga blocks or squatting over the pot for 30 minutes.

Option B:

- Dismantle the flush at the back of your toilet and be sure the toilet bowl is empty

- Pour your pot of herbs into the toilet

- Sit above your set up for 30 (or more) minutes, draping your lap with a bath towel or small blanket to keep in heat

I don't encourage you to participate in this ritual if you are currently bleeding, currently pregnant, currently have an IUD or have a present infection. It is SO important that we honor and show self-care to our bodies, regardless of what stage of life we are in; as the goddess, mother, maiden or crone. This ritual is a beautiful way to show the same love to our internal space as we do our mental space, our emotional space and our skin. Enjoy this opportunity to connect with your inner temple.

Much Love,


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