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Capricorn New Moon & Solar Eclipse; Self-Care Ritual

Updated: Mar 11, 2020


As many of you know, self-care isn't solely about treating yourself to pedicures or splurging on crystals! Self-care goes much deeper than that- It's about honoring your energy, checking in with yourself, and ultimately caring for your (whole) self, mentally, spiritually, and physically, with loving intentions.

The moon is a constant reminder for us to stay in touch with our inner-selves, to nurture our feminine essence & goddess within. When the new moon occurs, it is the darkest most YIN time of the month- the perfect time to turn inwards for a self-care ritual.

On Christmas day, we will be experiencing an extra special Solar Eclipse, known as the 'Ring of Fire', along with a New Moon in Capricorn; Capricorn is a sign that appreciates and embodies ambition & discipline, patience & persistence.

The current astrological energies are that of shedding and releasing anything that is no longer serving you, while the Capricorn moon gives you the grounding, discipline, and commitment to get you where you want to go.

And so with Capricorn being ruled by Saturn, our choice of ritualistic self-care is to perform a reflective ritual in nature.


  • a pen & your journal (or paper)

  • a lighter (and/or candle)


Ideally, we'd like to perform this ritual out in nature, as Capricorn is an earth sign & we can all use a little extra time in nature, getting away from EMFs & embracing some grounding vibrations from the earth. However, because it's Christmas time and Hanukkah, we understand you may not necessarily have alone time to go out in nature- so whether it be 10 minutes in your backyard, or a quick stop by the beach make this ritual your own!

Take a moment to reflect, and journal, as this last eclipse of 2019 is a powerful gateway to transformation. Ponder what you'd like to release, and leave behind in 2019. These could be themes such as self-doubt & toxic relationships etc.

Now, take a moment to reflect on all that you are grateful for from this past year. Acknowledge your successes & accomplishments, life lessons & simple pleasures. Think about all the joyous highs you experienced in 2019.

And as you remember all the joy you experienced in 2019, dream about all that you would like to feel, do, or see in 2020. This may be as abstract as dreaming of feeling more compassion on a daily basis. Or as literal as dreaming about doing that thing and achieving a promotion at work. Dream (literally) of seeing a different city that you always wished to visit, or (figuratively) of seeing a relationship in your life blossom.

Dream without limitations.

Take a deep breath, breathing in gratitude for all the blessings that are coming your way in 2020. Know that you deserve it all- all the love, joy, and abundance this realm has to offer.

Once you feel confident in your reflections, take your pages of what you're grateful for, and what you'd like to release & leave in 2019, and (safely) burn them. This may be either using a lighter or using a candle. (of course, if you are in nature, practice fire safety and burn only your paper, very cautiously without dropping any embers into any brush).

You may choose to collect the ashes of these memories and disperse them in nature, either by burying in the dirt or throwing it into the ocean.

And so it is... Let happen what may and know that the universe is always on your side.

Until next time, sending you so much love

xx, Heal Thy Goddess

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