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Facial Mapping

What do our skin conditions tell us? Usually, our skin is a reflection of symptoms of internal complications. Our skin is our largest organ and also the organ that our bodies release the most toxins through. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine standpoint, it doesn’t matter if the symptom is acne, chronic dryness, eczema or inflammation, these are all symptoms of something happening internally. Rather than fixing the symptom, my approach to caring for your skin is caring for your body as a WHOLE.

Having studied Chinese face reading for months, I've learned so much about how wrinkles are formed by emotions. When I went to a recent training, with @yakov_gershkovich, he confirmed this theory. It was so cool to be around like-minded, holistic professionals and learn all about how facial massage can help you to free some of these emotional patterns we store on our faces. Learning how to minimize these emotional patterns that can be causing wrinkles will likely be a consistent process. Facial massage is one part of the answer and a second part is learning to become aware of these patterns. Thirdly, learning to process these emotions appropriately so as to let them evaporate from your spirit, no longer leaving their traces on your skin.

Getting wrinkles is inevitable, BUT you do have control over how many you have and where they are. According to Chinese face reading, from birth until the age of 25 you have the face your mother gave you. From 25-50 you create your own face. From 50 onward you have the face that you deserve (however even after 50 you still have the power to change your face).

Pictured above is a facial map of each of the decades of your life and the area in which may become ingrained by a life experience, severe stress, or a major life change.

TEENS - YIN/ river decade (hairline) (adolescents is un-pictured)

20's - YANG/ mountain decade (forehead)

30's - YIN/ river decade (eyes)

40's - YANG/ mountain decade (nose)

50's - YIN/ river decade (mouth)

60's - YANG/ mountain decade (chin)

70's - (jaw) this decade is typically when one begins to turn onwards and refine life in its final stages

80's & 90's - less emphasis on mountains and rivers and a continuation of work begun in 70's


This is a more in-depth map for pinpointing the specific age a mark is on. When referencing the age of a wrinkle you can look back at the other facial map of the mountains and rivers of the decades of life.

Freckles are the little markings that denote the timing of a life event or lesson, you can locate the age of the event by the facial map above. Keep in mind, you might want to add or subtract one year when comparing the facial map to your face. If you have a ton of freckles, this indicates a firey constitution.

A scar has a similar theme to a wrinkle yet varies in the sense that a scar at a certain location can be an indicator of a life issue to be worked through, whereas a wrinkle mirrors “stuck” emotion. Think about the age you received the scar and what age it correlates with on the face map. Think about what you were going through when the scar happened. This can show you what age this life issue will resurface to be worked through.

Lastly, moles are a sign of good luck! They are also a sign of extra metal element in your constitution. Moles can be interpreted as an extra dose of willpower in your constitution...(and with that comes stubbornness) Pay special attention to which feature the mole is on, it will enhance power in the meaning of that feature.


It happens to us all when life gets in the way of sleep & hydration. Stimulate each of these acupoints for 20 seconds, cycling through 3 times. I LOVE doing this every morning as I apply my eye cream.

1. ZAN ZHU - Relieves red and painful eyes, improves eyesight, clears the foggy vision and headaches

2. YU YAO - Good for issues with the eyes caused by excess worry, mental strain, and overstudy

3. SI ZHU KONG - Relieves migraines and clears obstruction in the (triple warmer) meridian

4. TONG ZI LIAO - Improves blood circulation to the eye, reduces eye fatigue and wrinkles from forming 5. QIU HOU - Helps to eliminate dark circles, moistens& clears eye

6. CHENG GI - Prevents optic muscles from beginning to atrophy, improves circulation of lymph, reduces puffy eyes

7. JING MING - Important for good vision and preventing vision loss

Knowing the anatomy of the face and how every mark and line has meaning has helped me to better care for and understand my body and skin. My hope is that sharing this information with you sparks inspiration and motivation for you to be able to cultivate and maintain a beautiful self-care ritual of your own.



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