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Gemini New Moon; Self-Care Ritual

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

As many of you know, self-care isn't solely about treating yourself to facials or splurging on crystals. Self-care goes much, much deeper than that. It's about honoring your energy, checking in with yourself and ultimately, care for your (whole) self, mentally, spiritually, physically and with loving intentions.

Every month, we experience a new moon. This occurs when the moon is at it's darkest, in it's most yin essence of the month. As the moon affects the ocean waters, and we are made of 80% water, it is only natural that the moon affects our waters as well.

This month's new moon is in the airy sign of Gemini. The astrological sign of Gemini is about polarity, versatility, communication, quick wit and intellect. Our ritual for this New Moon is about finding ways to bring the body (outer) and mind (inner) together, by journaling.

You are a multi-faceted goddess with a brilliant mind. Harness the potency of this New Moon energy by making time to reflect, set intentions and even ask the universe for assistance in bringing them to fruition.

What you'll need:

+ Pen

+ Journal/paper

+ Candles

+ Smudging herbs (herbs you may choose to burn or clear your space. These could include sage, palo santo, rosemary or lavender)

The Ritual:

- Smudge the room

- Light some candles

- Make a cup of tea

- Sit in a comfortable corner of the room

- Begin journaling...

Do what feels good for you. Perhaps that entails a 3-page brain-dump of continuous writing (maybe even scribbles). Perhaps you'd prefer to set intentions and elaborate deeply on what you'd like to see come to fruition over the next 6 months (6 months from now is when the Gemini full moon will occur. At that time, currently set intentions may begin to blossom). Maybe, you're just not sure what to journal about.

Here are some questions you might choose to reflect upon on this Gemini New Moon:

- Are you able to pay attention to your intuition? Journal about a time you did, and about another time when you wish you had.

- Are you comfortable with your feminine side? What about your masculine side? Is there an imbalance? How could you better balance these sides within your being?

- When was the last time you let your inner child play? What are some activities you could incorporate regularly to allow for your inner child to have this space to play?

After writing in your journal you may choose to either keep the pages to look back on or rip the papers out of your journal and burn them (burning journal pages can be a transformative and inspirational practice to release the past. Let go of the old and invite in the new.)

As you participate in this ritual, take your time. Allowing yourself time is one of the greatest self-care rituals of all. Taking your time with any self-care ritual allows your spirit and body to soak in all benefits that it may have to offer you. Allow your intuition to guide you through this process. Your heart knows what is best for you; use the guidelines above as a ritual example, implementing or leaving out pieces that serve, or do not serve a purpose to you. Embrace any emotions you may feel throughout this process, notice them, and continue on.

Wishing you clarity & calm,

Heal Thy Goddess

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