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Leo New Moon; Self-Care Ritual

The New Moon of Leo is something that revolves around self-expression and revealing your truest form of self. With the Sun and the Moon both being in the sign of Leo, we can begin to manifest things for ourselves things similar to what a Leo represents; creativity, greater self-expression, building self-belief and stepping into leadership. The Sun is particularly happy in the sign of Leo since this bright luminary rules this sign. When the Sun is in Leo, we may feel a collective upsurge of happiness, positivity or courage.

Leo is a sign that believes in itself, is confident and proud, ready to step out on a stage and be exactly who they are. With this New Moon, we too can be brave enough to step into the spotlight and claim a moment of fame! It can bring many different emotions in to play and may cause a roller coaster of feelings if certain needs aren't met. Self-care can also be brought about by creating art, as Leo is, after all, a very creative fire sign that loves theatrics and the spotlight.

Dance can be a wonderful method for self-expression. In art form, it can be movements of the body to reflect your current emotions or even a life story. In less serious forms, dance can simply be a movement that feels good to your body and makes you happy. If you have any sort of mobility issues, of course, do not push your body past your comfort zone. Dance is a beautiful self-care practice to implement on this special new moon as dance can help one re-acquaint themselves with their body and what emotions one may be holding or feeling in their body.

What You'll Need:

+ Smudging Stick

+ Music

+ Yourself

What You'll Do:

Cleanse your space, inviting in all the good intentions, feelings and thoughts. Select music that makes you FEEL good. It could be an old favorite, something new you've recently discovered and strikes a chord with you or a simple playlist you enjoy listening to regularly. Allow your body to move in its own way. Dance mindfully while simultaneously surrendering to the movements that wish to flow through you. Do not pre-meditate the motion of your body. This allows you to move by following your intuition, transforming what many view as "dancing" into an entirely new form.

Keep in mind, this will look different for each person. Movement can range from slow, seated swaying to fast-paced whirling within your space. Have fun with this ritual and take note of how it makes you feel! You may choose to do this alone in your room, with your partner, with your animal, or go out for a night with the girls! The energies of this New Moon are especially potent, so if you aren’t able to do this tonight, try tomorrow night! Acknowledge thoughts and feelings that may arise and don't serve you, then let them flow freely away from you.


- Heal Thy Goddess

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