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Scorpio New Moon; Self-Care Ritual

A sensual self-breast massage

As many of you know, self-care isn't solely about treating yourself to the finer things or splurging on crystals! Self-care goes much deeper than that - It's about honoring your energy, checking in with yourself, and ultimately caring for your (whole) self, mentally, spiritually, and physically, with loving intentions.

The moon is a constant reminder for us to stay in touch with our inner-selves, to nurture our feminine essence & goddess within. When the new moon occurs, it is the darkest most YIN time of the month- the perfect time to turn inwards for a self-care ritual.

Earlier this morning, at 2:38 am (PST), a new moon has taken place in the watery, mysterious sign of Scorpio; Scorpio is a sign that appreciates and embodies passion and sexuality, depth and intensity.

This new moon's astrological theme is all about evaluating your personal relationship with your physical body - As Scorpio is known for its sexual/ sensual nature, our choice of ritualistic self-care is to embrace that sensual goddess within, with a breast massage.

The benefits of breast massage are endless, as it is an age-old ayurvedic practice. It's plumping & firming for the breasts, improves skin tone & elasticity, increases circulation & moves lymph, & empowers you to get comfortable with touching yourself, as self-touch holds so much healing power. It may sound relatively simple, but the simplicity is what makes it so profound.

(this ritual is suitable for all genders, and can be still performed if you've had a breast augmentation or mastectomy)


Organic, extra virgin olive oil & preferably cold-pressed (it's full of antioxidants, omega 3, omega 6, vitamin E, & monounsaturated fat)Optional: a drop of essential oil, like peppermint or frankincense.


1. As always, start off by smudging your space. crack open a window and burn an energetically clearing herb of your choice, like sage, palo santo, rosemary, lavender, etc.

2. Set an intention, to connect with your inner goddess- & touch her the way that she craves.

3. What music is your inner goddess craving? Put on the perfect playlist for her.

4. Heat your palms by rubbing them together, and apply a small amount of oil along with a drop of essential oil, to each breast.

5. Massage one breast at a time, using both hands and moving in circular motions, moving counter-clockwise for the left, and clockwise for the right. Hold the right breast with your left arm above and right arm under the nipple, and massage in circular movements with both hands by inserting and rotating your hands continuously in a circle. (see image above)

6. Pump the breast, with hands in a prayer type of position, by squeezing your palms on either side, pumping for 5-10 times, (this gets the lymph moving!)

7. Rub your breasts in little circles with your finger pads (moving counter-clockwise for the left, and clockwise for the right)

& finish by taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of your breasts; appreciating the beauty of your body, the place where your soul resides.

enjoy this sacred time with your inner goddess

Until next time, sending you so much love♥

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