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Virgo New Moon; Self-Care Ritual

As many of you know, self-care isn't solely about treating yourself to the finer things or splurging on crystals! Self-care goes much deeper than that- It's about honoring your energy, checking in with yourself, and ultimately caring for your (whole) self, mentally, spiritually, and physically, with loving intentions.

The moon is a constant reminder for us to stay in touch with our inner-selves, to nurture our feminine essence & goddess within. When the new moon occurs, it is the darkest most yin time of the month- the perfect time to turn inwards for a self-care ritual.

Today's new moon is in the earthly sign of Virgo; Virgo is a sign that appreciates and embodies beauty & purity, structure & organization, patience & kindness.

As Virgo loves structure, we thought it would be fitting to harness the Virgo energy in the air; we've provided a step by step guide on how to give yourself a mini facial at home, for this new moon self-care ritual.


+ a smudging herb (to clear the space) like sage, lavender, palo santo, etc

+ all your favorite skincare products (facial oil, cleanser, toner or hydrosol, serum, moisturizing oil/balm/cream)

+ your favorite mask. if you don't have any at home, simply use raw manuka honey!

+ clean facial towel


1. Clean & tidy up your beauty space. Whether it be your vanity or bathroom counter, the essence of Virgo thrives in organized spaces. You might also want to slide into something comfy while you're at it- remember, you are a goddess- embody that! Slip into that silky robe or lace teddy, whatever makes you feel most like the goddess that you are.

2. Smudge energetically cleanse your space with a cleansing herb of your choice. Indulge all your senses and set the tone for self-love, dim the lights, light a pretty candle and put some essential oils in your oil diffuser while you're at it.

3. Set the intention to embrace your inner radiance

4. Double cleanse your skin. First, use your normal cleanser to remove dirt, grime, and makeup from the day. Then, for your second cleanse, use a facial oil of your choice. (view our fave oil here) this will replenish anything that was stripped during the initial cleanse

5. Mask with your mask of choice. Don't have any masks at home? Use raw manuka honey for about 20 minutes. This will help to relieve redness and balance your skin's microbiome (view our fave mask here)

6. Remove your mask with a hot towel. If you're feeling adventurous you can soak a towel in hot chamomile tea. This will leave your skin feeling extra supple.

7. Tone using your toner of choice. This could be a rosewater hydrosol, witch hazel, or even a hydrating spray! It's important to tone your skin, as this will help to restore your skin's natural pH balance (view our fave toning spray here)

8. Specialty products fit right in here during this point of your beauty ritual. After toning, your product will absorb especially well. This is when it's fitting to apply a serum of some sort, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, retinol, etc. (view our fave here)

9. Apply a balm or oil, to really seal the deal. Be sure to take a moment to honor the beauty that is your skin, and appreciate your new-found radiance. (view our fave balm here)

10. Jade roll, using your crystal facial roller. Have you seen our latest IGTV? Check it out for details on how to roll for optimal lymphatic drainage (view our fave roller here)

As you participate in this ritual, remember to take your time. Take the time to really nourish your skin, and be kind; only speaking to and about your inner goddess in the most uplifting and empowering words.

We hope you enjoy this Virgo new moon ritual as much as we do- until next time, sending lots of love.



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